I'm Lisa, the little lady that brings usually brings random people there. With the little boy.


There's the link, you can edit your own information. I'm almost positive this will bring you more business! I will be back soon!

Lisa Carnley
Almost In Heaven!!!

I can't believe I spent all that money all those years for people to rub me. I finally found a real massage place. They call it a foot massage but for $30 you get a 1 hour full body massage from head to toes! I mean eye balls, butt cheeks, everything!!! And these little Asian women, Yes little women have hands of steel. They give the deepest massages that will take all those lumps out. It can get painful if you can't handle it so tell them exactly what you want. You just tell him how hard or soft you want it! I'm a small person but I work hard and do lots of lifting so I really need that toughness that have going on. But they can be hella gentle too!

I have brought and recommended this place to many people here and no one has been disappointed. Even my pregnant friend( The give special pregnant massages) She's so addicted and in perfect condition. I would recommend this to anyone who is in need of a TOTALLY AWESOME massage, can handle the pressure, and wants a REAL massage.

I've been here at least 9 times in the past year and I plan on return many more times.

You can bring friends too. Up to about 15 i think and get all your massages done at once!

It's a cool spot, there's a Vietnamese sandwich shop next door that is excellent but i don't remember the name and the ice cream yogurt shop next to that so you can pretty much get a few things in at once.

The atmosphere is quite different from most places I've ever been. You pay $120everywhere else and they usually get you in a small room, get you on a table naked and them rub all kinds of oils all over you. and those soft hands rub you all over. Not Quite enough...

HERE, however, you walk in fully dressed, and the drop you on a table, feet in a bucket of really HOT water, and they Get To It!! You're getting your massage right next to the huge Asian dude in the next seat or the pregnant Mexican woman on the other side. Once you lay down, you literally forget all else but that wonderful feeling they bestow upon you. It's Simply irresistible. I always walk out satisfied.

Piece of advice, ALWAYS ask for a woman. Here the women are much tougher. If you don't want it so rough, the men can do it too. But so far it's the women who always gets it right!

Can you handle the pressure???

Kim N.
Finally tried this place, in my favorite bellaire shopping complex next to yummy food and dessert, why not top it off with a massage.
They dont get 5 stars because it is not a luxury massage place but you are only paying $30 for 60 mins of a deep tissue massage. You lie on a reclining large leather couch, with your eyes covered, your feet soaked in warm water, a large blanket over you, as they work from your scalp to your feet every muscle and every joint! I stood up afterwards and i swear i walk straighter! Next time i will ask for them to be a bit gentle...so i can fall asleep 🙂 They have a punch card one free massage after 9 massages, i plan on using it all up!

Perfect E.
Visiting in Houston this week and a friend of mine suggested we get a foot massage after lunch.  This place is amazing!!! Ive gone to similar places in Dallas an paid upwards of $100 for the same type of service but with alot more noise and not as much care and attention.  The cost is $30 for 60 min. of head to toe treatment!!! They offer all kinds of detox remedies, massages and reflexology along with chair and traditional massages as well. The foot massage looks like what to be my favorite!!!  highly recommend. They even offer a rewards program if you come regularly.

appointments are highly recommended as this place fills up fast!

Jamie S.
Heard about this place from a friend who's been coming to this place for about a year and I also would highly recommend it to others.

Its $30 for a 60 min head to toe reflexology.  They start by soaking your feet in some hot water (with some medicinal herbs -- so don't be scared by the dark color!). and they work on your scalp, shoulders and arms first.  After a few mins, they take your feet out of the water and massage your feet.  They finish by massaging your back and legs.

Sometimes they ask you what "strength" you would like, but I often start telling them what I do like.  A word of advice -- just because you have a small Asian lady massaging you, do NOT underestimate her strength.  Those Asian/Chinese ladies are freakishly strong.  You also do not have to take off your clothes.

My masseuse was Steve and he was pretty good which is why I request for him when I do go.  The masseuse usually doesn't speak English well, but the front desk does so don't be worried if you don't speak Mandarin.
And as everyone has already said, this place actually has a punch card like Star Snow Ice, 10 punches and you get a free massage!  Walk-ins are accepted too in case you had a bad day and just wanted to drop by.

I would highly recommend this place to others!!

Annie T.
This place is awesome: I come here all the time, I recommend it to everyone I know, and I sometimes even come here with 5 of my closest friends. The boy scout in me actually didn't feel comfortable writing a review on this place before trying some of other massage places popping up all over Chinatown but I tried a competitor this past weekend and quickly confirmed that Triple Tree reigns supreme.

The decor is very zen with cherry blossoms on the ceiling to relax you as you lay back in the comfy leather chairs and they have awesome acoustic soft rock jamming in the background. They are thoughtful enough to have hooks on the wall for your purse/scarf/coat and the bathrooms are immaculate and again, very thoughtful with combs to fix your hair after wards. The owner is super friendly and not to brag but he definitely recognizes my voice when I call in. The only thing that bothers me is the inconsistency between masseuses but I would recommend asking for Michael!

Other stuff: they do take credit cards, they have a stamp card for buy 9 and get the 10th free, call ahead during busy times (weekends), and don't wear skinny jeans.

Alison L.
Best massage place in Chinatown so far.

Next time I'll do a 2 hour massage.... after 1 hour I didn't want them to stop!

Sarah M.
My boyfriend and I came here as a treat for my birthday, and I am so glad we did. I cringe when I think about all the wasted dollars I spent on overly priced, bad massages ($55-$75) at other businesses.

We both did the one-hour $30 reflexology massage, and it is a bit different from your standard full body massage. You keep your clothes on. So, it's best to wear loose and comfortable clothes like leggings, loose shorts and a tank top.

You put your feet in warm water and lie down for the first part. They work on your scalp, face, neck and shoulders for about 15 minutes. Then they remove your feet out of the water and work on your feet and legs for a good 30 minutes. At the end, you lie face down and they work on the backs of your legs, back, and shoulders again.

Even though you still have your clothes still on, they do a very good job working out all the knots and tight areas. They are really attentive and don't miss areas. You will need to be upfront with the strength level when you arrive. Tell the owner at check-in what you would like so he can tell your masseuse.

The chairs are really comfortable and fold out so you can lay down. And, I really like the way they make everyone turn their cell phones off and ask people to be quiet in the room (it isn't a private room for the one-hour reflexology massage). The room has umbrellas and cherry blossoms hanging from the ceiling, and there's this kinda cheesy instrumental music in the background. (It adds to the experience! ha!)

Afterwards, you will feel like you woke up from a very long nap. If you are up for it, you can grab a snack or a meal nearby. There are options in the shopping strip. Since it was birthday, we opted for dim sum at Kim Son afterwards.

Nicole P.

My Fiance and I got Pang and Micheal, they are certified and know what they are doing!!! Will be coming each week.

They Take credit cards and the owner is really caring and he gives complimentary water bottle at the end with a rewards card!!!

Benjamin T.
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