1/ Do you go by appoinment only?

For your precious times, we recomment that you should call in advance for an appoinment, for that you don’t have to wait, we take walking only when it have the spare spots available, other wise, you have to wait for a while to get the service, for walking very much first come first serve.

2/ How long in advance should we make an appoinment?

Very much depend on the weekends, holidays or the munber of your party. Normally, from mon- friday, you can call  few hours in advance, for the weekends and holidays you should call in couple days in advance, and in case, you have a party more than 6-7, please, give us at least 2 days notice.

3/ What happen if i came late for my appoinment?

For example my appt at 10:30 am, and i get to triple tree center at 10 : 50am? Normally, 5- 10 minutes late is allowable, depend on the appoinment book, if there plenty of spots after your  appt, the staff will perform their work for the full service, if you are late more than 15 minute, automately you lose your spot, the best way to call the front desk to see if your appt still available or need to reschedule. And if you late 5-10 minutes and after that the tech will have an appt. With someone else, you may lose the 5-10 minutes, and the tech. Will take next client on time by the schedule. We are very much flexible on the schedule to make convenience for eveybody, and the best way is to call the office.

4/ With the large group more than 7

If i make an appt in few days in advance, some thing unexpected came up, we can’t keep its, how long in advance should we call to cancel its normally, you can call 24 hours in advance to cancel its, and its doesn’t cost you any thing. But if you call to cancel your large group appt within 24 hours you will pay half of your total service’s cost.

5/ What happen if i make an appt for 5 people

Finally, only 3 people can make it, the other 2 can’t in the last minutes ?                                                                                                                                                                                                   You should do the same procedure explain above to avoid any cost to you or your group. When you call, the planer is really appreciate it, make his or her job getting a lot easier.

6/ Where are you locate?

Our facility is located here in houston, texas, on bellaire blvd between wilcrest ave and turtlewood st,  at the same shopping center with kim son buffet restaurant.

Address: 10623 bellaire blvd, suite # c 135, houston, tx 77072

Telephone: (281) 568-3300

Fax: (281) 568-3304

Email: tripletreecenter@att.net

To keep your appt. Rigth on time, please, call for direction.

7/ Is there allowable for the tech to accept the granuity after each service?

Absolutely, this is very much like as personal service, one to one, to keep up with the quality . Standard and the service to everyone the tipping is allowable & appreciate it.

8/ What is the normal allowable tip after each session?

The average of tipping for the tech. Normally 20% and up of total cost of service which was provided to you. The more of course is the better for supporting the tech’s hard work.

9/ Is that ok to add up the tip with the total of the service on the credit card?

We recomment all of our client  to tip seperately by cash, not add on the total service of credit card. If you are first timer, because you did not know, yes, you can add on with your total cost of the service on the credit card.

10/  What method of payment do you accepted  at your store?

We accepted the cash for first option, otherwise you can pay by visa, master card or discover , we do not accept  any kind of checks at all.

11/ Is tipping been allow for therapists?

Yes, absolutely been allowed for therapist to receive that rewards they earn from hard working.

12/ What is the average granuity should give it to therapist?

Normally between 30-40% for excellent works, from 20-30% for good works, 15-20% for fair works, and you don’t have to give to tip to therapist if you did not have expect fair services. And please, mention that to the manager or front desk personel so they can get the review and take an action again before put therapist back to routing . The percentage is base on you total cost of each service.